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Invitation to Our Pastor’s Installation

Let the People of God Rejoice at the Installation of: 

Benjamin W. Harris, Jr.

As Pastor of Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church 

Pastor Benjamin W. Harris, Jr. and Minister Diane L. Harris

 Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. 

Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church 

505 North 33rd Street 

Richmond, Virginia 23223 




Reception will be held immediately following the morning service. 


Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church in Richmond will install Pastor-Elect Benjamin W. Harris, Jr. as its Pastor officially on Sunday, August 29th. 

Bishop Harold K. Browning of Faith Mission Ministries, Inc., from Clarksville, Tennessee, will install Harris as pastor during a special 3:00 p.m. service on Sunday, August 29th. Bishop Browning will also preach at the regular 11:00 a.m. service that morning. 

About Pastor Harris: 

He began as a pastor over 25 years ago in rural Buckingham County, Virginia, leading two congregations by alternating Sundays between two churches, a common practice in many rural communities. He is a graduate of Richmond Public Schools, attended Virginia Commonwealth University to study Public and Community Affairs, and has an Associate Degree in Religious Studies from Eastern Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Pastor Harris also has over twenty-five years of experience working with community-based programs, including work as a Counselor for at-risk youth at two boys’ homes in Virginia, two years as a pre-release trainer with Virginia Cares, and he is a Certified Fatherhood Practitioner, having completed the 36 hour Fatherhood Practitioner Program through Father Focus, Richmond’s Father Resource Center. 

He and his wife, Diane, relocated to Richmond in 2007, after several years in Nashville, Tennessee, starting Koinonia Faith Church at that time, holding services at a local banquet hall. 

About Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church: 

In February 2009, Koinonia Faith Church and Saint Stephen’s Baptist Church formally merged, when Saint Stephen’s Pastor Emeritus, Kenneth Sheppard, retired. Harris then became Pastor-Elect of the combined congregation. Under his leadership, Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church has adopted the mission statement, “To reach the unreachable, to teach the un-teachable, to love the unlovable, to save the un-savable, that the life and death of Jesus is not in vain.” 

The church reaches out to ex-offenders through a program called Project H.O.P.E., teaching men to face their past and find employment or create businesses so they have a real chance to be productive members of their families and their community now and in the future. 

Saint Stephen’s Koinonia Church, located at 505 North 33rd Street in the historic Church Hill community of Richmond, was originally founded as Saint Stephen’s Baptist Church in the same location nearly 60 years ago. Since the church merger in February 2009, the congregation of Saint Stephen’s has repaired the roof, painted, rebuilt the kitchen, replaced all flooring, as well as adding a conference room and other meeting rooms and offices to accommodate Project H.O.P.E. The next goal is to raise money to install central heat and air conditioning—something all at Saint Stephen’s will welcome after the record heat we’ve had in Richmond this summer. Meanwhile, portable air conditioning units are in place, and all are welcome to join the Saint Stephen’s church family in celebrating both their physical renewal and their new spiritual leadership. “Koinonia is a Greek word from the Bible that means “fellowship, community, or communion,” says Pastor-Elect Harris, “and Saint Stephen’s is the church with a Koinonia spirit.” 

Directions to the church: 

Saint Stephen’s is located at 505 North 33rd Street, between Clay Street and Leigh Street, just two and a half blocks north of Broad Street. Travelling east on Broad Street, when you come to Chimborazo Park on your right, look for North 33rd Street on your left and turn left; drive two and a half blocks and the church will be on your right. 

Parking Instructions: 

All parking is on the street. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail: 505North33@gmail.com



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3 thoughts on “Invitation to Our Pastor’s Installation

  1. Elder Joseph B. Hill on said:

    Pastor Harris & First Lady Harris,
    Congratulations on your installation as Pastor of your Church. May God bless you and the ministry he has entrusted into your care. We are fovever linked in the natural and siprit for a common cause, Saving the lost at any cost. God Bless you and Diane as you walk this walk of faith.

    Joe & Queen Hill
    Faith Mission Ministries, INC

  2. Jameka Evans on said:

    Praise GOD,

    This is so wonderful and I’m happy for the both of you. I HOPE that GOD will continue to bless you with his love, grace and mercy. I hope that GOD continues to grow your ministry/church into the way that he will have it. I miss the both of you but I knew/know that GOD had something else instore. We can clearly see that now!! Mrs. Diane you will always have a place in my heart because we have a bond that will forever be remembered and Rev. Pastor Benjamin I have grown to know you as a humble man so may GOD continue to strengthen you both. You have our Love and Blessings in Nashville. I know our Former Pastor Robert Finney and Current Pastor Judy Johnson would be proud of the both of you.
    The Claiborne Family of Faith Worship Center – Judy Johnson, Pastor Minister Jameka Evans – responding…

  3. When I saw Pastor Benjamin Harris being interviewed on a local Richmond Television, I said to my self that this man got to be a GODLY man. There is nothing funny about him. He has to be a Gods sent to his church. I am a local business man. I do not belong or a member of any church but I do visit different churches on a regular basis. I would definitely make it a point of duty to visit pastor Harris and his congregation. I like what I see in him and I wish him the best of Luck.

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